The only Quality platform between Agribusiness companies (B2B)


Alixe allows you to standardize, gather, create and manage your Quality documentation to best meet the requirements of all your clients.


Why joining us?


Because it’s in your interest to gather and standardize the Quality information. The numerous documents to be communicated, the repetitive nature of the requests and the required reactivity must find a suitable answer. Standardizing the process will save time, improve the quality of information and streamline exchanges between a customer and his supplier.

Alixe allows you to easily manage your Quality documentation and generate complete documentation in accordance with the requirements of your customers.

You respond to requests in a few clicks.

The proposed evaluation results from the aggregation of the Quality Managers’ expectations of your main Clients

What's in for you:

  • Easy management of your production sites

  • Simple management of your suppliers

  • Immediate accessibility by your customers

  • Security: update information continuously

  • Serenity: standardization and optimization of the "Customer / Supplier" relationship

  • Mobilize your teams to lead the essential battles

Your goal:

  • Save time : reduce the workload of your Quality department

  • Facilitate, secure and update information flows

Many other services in development!

Supplier self-assessment is a first step towards gathering and standardizing information. We work on many other services that will lighten the workload of your Quality department.


Discover the different modules on which we are working :)

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