They trusus

They're more than 380 companies to be part of the Alixe network.

And you, when do you join us?

Why joining us?

Because it's in your interest to pool and standardize the quality information. The quantity of documents to be communicated, the repetitive nature of the requests and the required reactivity must find an appropriate answer. Standardizing the process will save time, improve the quality of information and streamline exchanges between a customer and its supplier.

Alixe allows you to easily manage your Quality documentation and generate complete documentation in accordance with the requirements of your customers.



The evaluation of the production sites is simple and quick to complete. It meets all the needs of the Quality departments of companies.


The proposed evaluation results from the aggregation of the expectations of the Quality Managers of the GIE. You can generate your evaluation in PDF format with your company logo, signature and stamp.



All your documents, customers and / or suppliers on the same platform for simplified interactions.


information shared immediately

The self-evaluation of your production site and your data sheets can be shared with all your customers in a few clicks. You can attach any document that you deem useful to your customers and your production site.

Always up-to-date information

All changes made on the evaluations of the production sites are instantly taken into account and reported to the various customers and / or suppliers.


An automatic risk assessment

With a production site evaluation system, your Quality departments can easily evaluate the risks inherent to your suppliers using measurement tools.

You can easily access all the production sites of your suppliers and their products. Rank and manage their ratings based on their scores and other variables. Download the complete file of documents provided by your customers and / or suppliers.

What you gain

EASE: Easy to use interface that goes straight to the poin

Uniformity: A single platform to manage the documentation of your customers, your suppliers, your evaluation sites and your products

SPEED: One entry for infinite shipments

SEcuritY: Update information continuously

SErEnitY: Optimized and secure Customer/Supplier relationship

Mobilize your teams to lead the essential battles by saving time for your Quality department!

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. 

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